WhatsApp text Status feature is back on Android, update your app now

Angelica Greene
March 20, 2017

Seeing this, WhatsApp was nearly forced to remove the "Status" feature.

You can now change your status in the About section in the profile settings.

It's quite surprising that WhatsApp didn't allow both of these features together.

The status feature should be rolling out to Android users in the next week, and to iOS users at a later date.

The feature is already live for Android users, and it is unclear when it will be rolled out for iOS. This update is certainly good news for people who missed the old version but didn't really mind the news status section of the App.

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Everyone's favourite app WhatsApp has rolled back its photo/video Status feature on its Android platform and all you need to do to get back the text Status feature is to update your app.

The instant messaging app nowadays comes with a new feature nearly daily.

While the old Text Status is back, it is important to note that the new WhatsApp Status stories feature isn't going anywhere and will remain a constant in a separate tab. But recently it introduced a major feature called Status, which allowed users to add short video and pictures and share it with their friends, similar to how they do it on Facebook. That's what some WhatsApp users have been complaining about when the messaging app made a decision to replace the normally simple status message to that of another Snapchat Stories clone. However, we still don't get the old contacts tab instead to view someone's status you have to either open the concerned contact's profile, send a message or see it through group info if he/she is in the same group. In case you haven't got it, just wait for a day or two.

To set a text status on an Android smartphone, first, upgrading the messaging app via Google Play Store is mandatory. After which, the user can simply click on the three dots icon situated at the top right corner of the WhatsApp interface. It can be changed to a new customised Status or the familiar Available, Busy, At work, Can't talk, WhatsApp only etc from the list.

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