Andromeda Day One Patch Won't Alter Animations

Angelica Greene
March 21, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to pick up Bioware's Mass Effect series 600 years after from the original trilogy, and Nvidia is prepared for it with its latest GeForce drivers: version 378.92. Were those expectations met?

Over the weekend, Mass Effect: Andromeda lead designer Ian Frazier said that these things won't be fixed in a day one patch, as "that ship has sailed". By utilizing some advanced technology to turn mass relays into long-range faster-than-light telescopes, the Andromeda Initiative was able to locate seven habitable "golden worlds" in a region in Andromeda called the "Heleus Cluster". Worse, none of the other arks-one each for the turians, salarians, and asari-have shown up. From here, it's up to you, the human Pathfinder, to make things right.

Here is the wrong to enjoy Andromeda's facial animations: send threatening and rude messages online to someone who you think might be the "lead facial animator" on the game.

Although it's unlikely to actually succeed in getting people out of school or work - unless they have a really understanding principal or boss - the Mass Effect: Andromeda doctor's note is a bit of fun.

You can check out the new images for yourself below.

Another wrote: "Why did you remove the ME Andromeda info?"

If you're after a vague idea of what to expect, we've got you covered.

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Andromeda seems hollow, its characters like a bunch of stand-ins trying to recreate a Mass Effect game.

The biggest changes come on the other side of the action-RPG coin: the combat.

If you play the relationship through, Gil's best friend will ask the couple about donating sperm so they have a baby together. You can only slot three special abilities at once, but the whole concept of combining powers that prime an effect, and then trigger that primer with another ability, is a lot of fun to play with.

"Characters occupy an unpleasant area in the Uncanny Valley; lifelike enough to look realistic, but inorganic enough to take you out of the experience".

We'll give spoiler-free and spoiler-filled options below. Building planets' livability also allows you to customize what bonuses you get, like regular credit and resource packages, as well as upgrading your APEX strike team. So that problem takes care of itself.

He added that these multiplayer missions will be appropriate to where you're at in the single player campaign too. Maybe that's a tad disappointing for a new entry, but I've had enough fun with it so far, and certainly plan on playing more.

There won't be any animation fix in a day 1 patch for the game. Character animations are unsteady and jittery, with characters popping into movements or just twitching for no reason during cutscenes.

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