Google Offers Peek at New Fuchsia Operating System

Angelica Greene
May 10, 2017

Details were very sketchy back then, but it seemed that Fuchsia would be completely different from Google's Android and Chrome operating systems. While the final build will be a full-fledged operating system, this file is meant to take advantage of its small size and act as a demonstration. This is how some of Fuchsia's less extreme bits were able to be compiled and run on an Android device. Well, you can see for yourself here, with the compiled binary for Android made by Hotfix's Kyle Bradshaw. Google isn't resting on its laurels - past year the first open source bits of a new Google OS called Fuchsia appeared online.

There is also a window-management feature where a long press on a card lets you drag it around, and if you drop it on top of another app, it opens the split screen mode.

Of course, even if there is no button dedicated to multitasking, it does not indicate that this option is not present in Google Fuchsia, since it can be activated by pressing one card and combining it with another. On paper it may seem odd but when it comes to trying it firsthand it is the most simple and useful OS.

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Thanks to ArsTechnica, we now know that the Fuchsia OS will host the Armadillo UI, which is inspired by the Material Design language from the Android versions of today.

Armadillo is a demo app that shows off Fuchsia's mock-up UI. Imagine a busy professional who wants to keep a chat app, email, a browser and a note-taking app all open on the home screen at once. It has a card-based setup designed specifically for smartphones and tablets.

Instead of static apps, Armadillo offers a card-centric interface that users can scroll downwards through to view Armadillo stories, which are a "set of apps and/or modules that work together for the user to achieve a goal". If you're willing to jailbreak your phone, you can install Android on your iOS device and subsequently run the Google Play Store on it. Flutter is built on Google's Dart, which Google uses for its own in-house apps. Google has seldom tread off from the beaten track, but this proves that the company is planning on being serious with its software development. Whether Fuchsia will ever be turned into a real product, however, remains to be seen. The report also talks about a text-copy feature built by Google which can be expected in the new Android.

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