Arms for Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need to Know

Cesar Mills
May 19, 2017

Nintendo is very excited about their upcoming motion-controlled fighting game ARMS, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on June 16.

Also launching on July 21st is a new Splatoon 2-themed Switch carry case and screen protector and a Splatoon 2 edition of the Switch Pro controller. Arms for Nintendo Switch lets you choose from 10 different characters and each character has three different types of arms to choose from. New reveals include Byte & Barq, a police robot and his robo-dog, and celebrity star Twintelle who uses her massive hair as her offensive appendages. Each ARM has its own element attribute, special attack, and weight.

A bevy of multiplayer modes will be available at launch, including traditional one-on-one battles to endurance tests and mini-games.

Arms for Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need to Know

There are a handful of game modes in ARMS, including a standard 1v1 Fight mode, a 2v2 Team Fight mode (where you and your ally are linked together by a string), and some more unique modes: V-Ball, Hoops, Skillshot, and 1-on-100. Then there's a Party Match where you can have two players per Nintendo Switch joining online battles.

The trailer nor the press release indicates if there will be Switch exclusive features like HD rumble support or local wireless play, but the CEO of Frozenbyte, Lauri Hyvärinen, commented about the game making its way to Nintendo's platform, stating in the press release. Free DLC and updates will add more fighters, stages, and content to the game. The first is Grand Prix, where you can try to win 10 matches in a row to become the crowd champion. The Global Testpunch will run for two weekends starting next May 26.

Nintendo has recently revealed in a new gameplay trailer that "Splatoon 2" will get a single player campaign. In reality, we don't have any info on a release date or even if the game will launch in North America, but given that the game is already translated into English, I'd say the odds are pretty darn likely-if they have it running on the Switch in one country, they should have it running on the Switch wherever. You can begin downloading the ARMS demo in the eShop right now.

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