Ransomware cyber attack hits Bangladesh too, 30 cases reported so far

Cesar Mills
May 19, 2017

It operates by encrypting a computer system and demanding a ransom to release it.

Since the attack, Microsoft has responded to the seriousness of the situation by issuing security updates to older versions of Windows that are normally unsupported.

According to reports, when the WannaCry ransomware started spreading, many infected devices were running "end-of-life" versions of Windows, including Windows XP.

"Ransomware attack appears to be causing glitches at many ATMs that work on Random Access Memory (RAM)".

Microsoft's top lawyer has blamed the government's stockpiling of hacking tools as part of the reason for the WannaCry attack, the worldwide ransomware that has hit hundreds of thousands of systems in recent days.

The attack, which targeted Microsoft Windows operating system, began on Friday and was described as unprecedented in scale.

"If customers have automatic updates enabled or have installed the update, they are protected".

ALSO READ: Ransomeware attack: Why do WannaCry hackers demand bitcoin? We've stored data according to best practices. If you have questions or are unsure about whether your Microsoft Windows operating system received the crucial patch necessary to block this ransomware attack, contact CMIT Solutions immediately (973-325-3663). Ensure that security solutions are switched on all nodes of the network.

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India is third on the list of countries affected by the malware. "When it comes to malware or cyber attacks, all too often the vulnerability lies in the usage of pirated products or outdated software". Researchers highlighted the response of one participant who noted that Windows updates are available frequently - always the second Tuesday of every month, and occasionally in between those regular changes. They should also use the indicators of compromise which are associated with this activity.

The global ransomware attack called "WannaCry" could have been avoided, or at least made much less serious, if people kept their computer software up to date.

The attack had infected close to 30,000 Chinese organizations by Saturday evening, Chinese security software maker Qihoo said. What is Ransomware WannaCry malware, Bitcoins? Ransomware relies on people not taking precautions, but even simple ones like these should keep you safe. The ransomware attack will force hundreds of thousands of users of older versions of the Windows operating system to upgrade to recent versions such as Windows 10 Pro - which now retails on the Windows store for a sweet Rs 14,999.

"Disable SMBv1 (a server component) with the steps documented at "Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2696547" and as recommended previously". There were many reports came in that several hackers were lending their so-called help in unencrypted many user's system data, but with the exchange of currency, and as per many experts this is also called as extortion, through the virtual world.

"This is big and set to get bigger". Also, it turned out that Russian Federation and India are the two worst hit countries, because of extensive use of Windows XP. Priced at $200 a year per PC in the first year, doubling in year two, Microsoft was clear: it was a temporary measure and you had to demonstrate a plan to migrate.

"Most importantly for ransomware, backup the data that matters to you", NCSC advised.

And thirdly, the way the ransomware is encrypting the files on a computer suggests it would be nearly impossible for the ransomware developers to decrypt them, even if they wanted to.

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