Investigator: Deadly shooting began when fugitive confronted

Angie Massey
June 2, 2017

Garcia, Bernal, and Hutchinson all suffered multiple gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Greenville Police Department released the video showing the moment two men walked in on a third man sitting in an office inside the dealership. He dropped the firearm on a desk but was able to grab it again and began firing at Bernal and Garcia.

After a brief altercation between the men, Hutchinson managed to scoop his gun back up and fired off a string of shots. The end result was the deaths of all three men. Jarod Buck, an employee of the Bulldog Transmission shop, told the Herald-Banner Hutchinson was a regular customer.

The shooting occurred about 7:20 the Nissan of Greenville in the 6400 block of Interstate 30. Upon arrival officers located three males, who were deceased.

Alfaro, a licensed private investigator, told WFAA it is almost unheard of for a commissioned security officer to be involved in bond apprehensions, the term Texas uses commonly associated with fugitive recovery.

The Observer reached out to police but was forwarded to the City Manager's Office; its public information officer promised to send an updated press release. In this case, it was a $50,000 bond that was worth $5,000 to Garcia and Bernal.

"There are three families mourning the loss of life today", said Stew Peters, a bail investigator with the private Minnesota-based company U.S. Fugitive Recovery and Extradition.

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It is important to note that bounty hunters are not law enforcement officials.

A woman in the auto showroom can then be heard shouting, "no, no", as there's a struggle, before Hutchinson manages to reclaim his gun and begin firing.

"He always performed his investigations with the utmost integrity", Peters said, adding that Garcia commonly wore both audio and visual recording devices while working.

"It doesn't look like a tactically sound operation", he says.

"They didn't have badges, they didn't show identification", he said, according to WFAA.

Hutchinson, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was wanted on drug and other charges.

TV's famed "Dog the Bounty Hunter", Duane Chapman analyzed the video for Inside Edition. He says it is against the law to kick in doors in Texas.

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