Bloomberg and US mayors form climate coalition

Pauline Gross
June 9, 2017

Haley's comments come as reporters have been trying to get administration officials to answer a seemingly simple question: does Trump believe in man-made climate change?

The Paris agreement includes almost every other nation.

"Trump wrongly claimed that the Paris Agreement would allow China to "build hundreds of additional coal plants" and allow India to "double its coal production by 2020" but the United States "can't build the plants", said Robertson.

Leonardo stated that the planet suffered the day when Trump's decision was taken and he also said that it is more important than ever to take action.

More than 1,200 governors, mayors, higher education leaders and businesses signed a statement declaring "We Are Still In".

Bloomberg has also pledged to muster $15 million for the United Nations' climate body, substituting for USA funding likely to be axed by Trump.

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Haley, the former SC governor who Trump appointed to the United Nations post, was asked to elaborate on the president's thinking and told Tapper "He knows that it's changing and that the USA has to be responsible for it and that's what we're going to do".

The decision by the USA administration to withdraw from an worldwide agreement which seeks to halt global warming is heartbreaking. "The U.S. labor movement will continue to urge the United States to stay in the agreement so we can achieve the best outcomes for America's workers".

The 2015 Paris agreement established a global target for lowering greenhouse-gas emissions - aimed at keeping the atmosphere from warming by 2 degrees Celsius.

"I am confident the broad array of leaders and organizations that have signed today's declaration, and many others that will join in the days to come, will work together to reduce USA carbon emissions by 26 percent by 2025, just as we had pledged in Paris".

Tillerson had reportedly been among the advisors encouraging Trump to remain in the deal, arguing that staying in was good for United States business while leaving would isolate the United States internationally. She was referring to statistics that Trump cited in announcing the USA withdrawal and which are disputed by environmentalists, according to a report in the Washington Post.

It has been hard to pin down whether Trump does or does not believe in climate change.

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