Brexit talks should start when Britain ready -EU negotiator

Pauline Gross
June 9, 2017

Asked whether he expected to negotiate with Theresa May, he said it was purely a domestic matter, adding: "We want to start, the time is running, and instability, losing time, is not in your or our interest".

Oettinger, who is Germany's European Union commissioner, added that the European Union "stands ready" for Brexit talks, "but the next few hours or days will indicate if the other negotiating party can even begin talks because without a government, there can be no negotiations".

That started the clock ticking on a two-year period that should end in March 2019 with the U.K.'s departure.

Aberdeen Asset Management's chief economist also raised a delay to Brexit proceedings as a possibility, but said it is unclear how this would work as there is no precedent.

Talks were supposed to start on June 19, but there are doubts now as to whether May will be able to begin them as planned. "Let's put our minds together on striking a deal".

"Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated", said the former Belgian prime minister.

Gunther Oettinger told German radio station Deutschlandfunk that in negotiations, "a weaker partner weakens the whole thing".

"She will need to worry about maintaining the support of Conservative MPs who are both critical of Europe and critical of her decision to hold an election and squander the Conservative party's majority", said John Bartle from the University of Essex.

Once the United Kingdom has left the European Union, it will most likely implement a bilateral "Swiss model", according to a survey of institutional investors, which also showed financial passporting rights are of greater concern to them than restrictions on immigration.

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Business and investors want clarity about the terms of Brexit as soon as possible, because they need to know what kind of access United Kingdom companies will have to Europe's vast free trading area in future. "Everybody will notice that and that changes the dynamic", Kelly said.

A top EU official warned Friday following the results that a weak British negotiating partner would further complicate talks on the country's exit from the European Union.

The EU's budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger was the first in Brussels to respond and said it did not look like negotiations could begin by June 19.

Labour said it would not try to reverse the decision to leave the EU, but it does want to retain "the benefits of the single market and customs union". May then called a snap election hoping for a bigger majority to strengthen her hand in negotiations. However, with almost all votes counted, the Conservatives are on 315 seats, short of the 326 mark that ensures a majority.

In an interview with Sky News, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Brexit negotiations will "have to go ahead" because Article 50 has been invoked.

British media are reporting that Conservatives can no longer win an outright majority in Parliament.

Britain's home secretary has narrowly avoided defeat in the general election, holding on to her seat in Parliament by 346 votes after a recount.

The result will heap pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign, and many consider Rudd a potential Conservative leader. As home secretary, Rudd is in charge of the police and security services and helped lead the response to the attacks.

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