Corbyn calls for May to stand down

Ruben Ruiz
June 9, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble in calling an early election backfired spectacularly, as her Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament and pressure mounted on her Friday to resign.

The Conservatives, however, emerged as the single largest party.

DUP said there was no need for a formal coalition deal in order to back Conservatives.

He told the BBC, "We tried to have an extremely positive campaign, we modeled it around Jeremy's character...if it is reflected in this levels of support it does change the nature of political discourse in our country".

"The Prime Minister called this election because she wanted a mandate".

Asian markets were mixed in early trading after an exit poll showed Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party could fail to win a parliamentary majority but with relief overnight from the USA that testimony of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey had no new bombshells to immediately threaten the administration of President Donald Trump.

"What's happened is people have said they have had quite enough of austerity", he said, adding it was time for a government that is "truly representative of all the people of this country".

Either way, it's light years away from the resounding, unifying result she hoped for when she reversed her earlier pledge and courageously took her case to the polls.

The biggest shock of the night so far has been Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg losing his seat to a Labour candidate.

"She is a damaged Prime Minister whose reputation may never recover".

The result was bad news for the Scottish National Party, which lost about 20 of its 54 seats. A party required 326 seats to win the election.

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European Union budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger said the European Union is prepared to stick to the timetable that calls for negotiations to start in mid-June, but said it would take a few hours at least to see how the results of the election play out in forming a government.

The pound fell sharply after the exit poll as traders had been expected a clear victory for Mrs May's party with an overall majority in the House of Commons.

"As a Brexiteer who believes in it with all his heart and soul, my fear is that Corbyn forms a coalition with the SNP and a few Lib Dems and we look down the barrels of a second referendum in a few years' time", said Farage.

The Green Party would be unchanged with one seat and Plaid Cymru still have three MPs in Wales, according to the poll. This is a start, and proves that there is still an important space in British politics for an open, tolerant centrist party. "And I think she came across in the campaign as not only as wooden and robotic but actually pretty insincere".

This exit poll result is not what either of the parties were predicting privately - this would be another political surprise - the public again defying the expectations of both the main sides.

David Davis, the United Kingdom chief of Brexit negotiations, has conceded that the government may have lost its mandate to exit the single European market in favor of limiting free movement of European peoples - in other words, May's "hard Brexit" may now be off the table.

Mrs May was against Brexit before last year's referendum - but now says there can be no turning back and that "Brexit means Brexit".

"She fought the election on the basis that it was her campaign, it was her decision to call the election, it was her name out there, and she was saying she was doing it to bring about strong and stable government".

The Conservatives' priorities were set out in a 12-point plan published in January and the letter formally invoking Brexit in March.

Dominic Rossi, global CIO at Fidelity International, said: "This is the result markets feared".

Experts said a hung parliament is the election outcome that had been dreaded by markets and investors.

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