United Kingdom opposition Labour leader Corbyn calls for PM May to stand down

Pauline Gross
June 9, 2017

May's Conservative Party needed to win 326 of 650 seats in the United Kingdom parliament to govern with a full majority.

"This election was called in order for the prime minister to gain a large majority in order for her to assert her authority", he said in London.

He said Mrs May did not have a mandate, and called on her to resign as leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister.

Just a few weeks ago at the start of all of this she seemed unassailable, but a shaky campaign and an insurgent Labour Party may have dashed the Tories' hopes.

The incumbent stays in office until the next government is formed, so Theresa May will continue to serve as prime minister - for now, at least.

Sterling fell almost two percent against the dollar from the level a day ago at $1.2719, as investors questioned who was now going to control the Brexit process.

The Conservatives were damaged by a manifesto plan for elderly care that would see some pay more, while Labour also pounced on government spending cuts aimed at reducing the budget deficit. During his three decades on Labour's leftist fringe, Corbyn consistently opposed European integration and denounced the EU as a corporate, capitalist body.

He questioned Mrs May's position, saying: "Whatever the true result, the Conservative party needs a leader that believes in Brexit".

Despite campaigning against Brexit, Labour has accepted the result but promised to avoid a "hard Brexit", focusing on maintaining economic ties with the bloc.

In the scenario projected by the exit poll, the most likely result is the Tories forming a minority government.

In 1923, the Conservative Party lost their majority and were unable to form a coalition.

The Conservatives failed to win the constituency of Darlington in northern England, a key target.

Mrs May suffered another ministerial casualty as Gavin Barwell lost his Croydon Central seat to Labour.

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The home secretary, Amber Rudd, faced a recount in a tight race in Hastings but just held on.

Polls show May's lead against Corbyn narrowed significantly in recent weeks, but analysts were still unsure that the Labor Party would be able to mobilize enough young voters to cast a ballot or if support would be spread across the country widely enough to translate into seats in Parliament.

Until a new government is formed, May and her team of ministers remain in charge and retain their full legal powers to act on behalf of the country, although by convention they would be expected to avoid taking major decisions.

"MAYHEM" screamed the headline in the tabloid Sun newspaper.

"Britain on a knife edge" headlined the Daily Mail's early edition Friday, while the Daily Mirror had a picture of May and the caption "Hanging by a thread". But the attacks have forced her to defend the government's record on terrorism, and this week she promised that if she wins she will crack down on extremism - even at the expense of human rights.

The DUP's Sir Jeffrey Donaldson hailed the exit poll, saying his party would be "serious players" in a hung parliament, and vowed to lend its support to the Tories on issues such as Brexit and keeping the United Kingdom together.

In domestic policy, Labour proposes raising taxes for the richest 5 percent of Britons, scrapping university tuition fees, investing 250 billion pounds ($315 billion) in infrastructure plans and re-nationalizing the railways and postal service.

The Liberal Democrats, the only party in Britain's national election to suggest the country would be better off if it.

British Prime Minister Theresa May should step down after losses for her Conservative Party in the general election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said today.

He said: 'I think it was right because ultimately she was presented with a situation in the House of Commons, also the House of Lords of people wanting to frustrate the whole Brexit process'.

Nearly all of the smaller parties are opposed to May's Brexit strategy built around leaving the EU's single market, controlling immigration and escaping the jurisdiction of European Union courts.

The Conservatives formed a coalition in 2010 with the centrist, pro-EU Liberal Democrats as junior partner. They governed together until 2015.

"Whatever happens, Theresa May is toast", said Nigel Farage, former leader of the anti-EU party UKIP.

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