A little longer for final North Carolina budget to go public

Angie Massey
June 17, 2017

Some of Obamacare's taxes could also be repealed later when Congress tackles new legislation overhauling the USA tax code, two current Senate aides said. If the GOP bill passes, it's anticipated it would result lawsuits from those states. (Trump helpfully described the House measure as "mean" during a meeting Tuesday with Republican senators.) Well, great, and a Category 4 hurricane is a bit less harrowing than a Category 5. That was an extraordinary slap at legislation that Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., guided through the House and that Trump himself had championed and praised at a Rose Garden ceremony. The House GOP bill was, according to the president, "mean, mean, mean". In the meantime, President Trump and his administration (including, most recently, Attorney General Jeff "I don't recall" Sessions) keep providing McConnell excellent cover as their assorted outrages dominate the news and deflect attention from Capitol Hill.

Is the health care bill House Republicans passed last month "mean"?

Republicans were pretty mad about the process that produced the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, under president Barack Obama. These included disagreements over phasing out Medicaid expansion to additional low-income people, easing some of the law's coverage requirements and reshaping subsidies the statute provides to millions of individuals buying policies. The buttoned-up process, which precludes hearings with experts or industry leaders, is expected to come to an end with a Senate vote as early as next week.

"I don't know of anyone who has seen a copy of this bill", said Sen.

That delay would be a setback to the GOP.

Trump dismisses obstruction of justice investigation with 'nice' tweet
Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates, officials said. Trump would need Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, to carry out such a termination.

London terror attack: Scotland Yard makes 21st arrest from Barking
The bloodthirsty gang was also shot dead before they could make their way back to the van where their petrol bombs were stored. One attacker killed 86 people in France when he plowed through a large crowd celebrating the national Bastille Day last July.

Verizon concludes the $4.5 bn takeover deal of Yahoo
Verizon won't be getting Yahoo's prized stakes in two Asian internet companies, Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan. On Friday, it will change its name to Altaba Inc. and on Monday begin trading under the ticker symbol "AABA".

And McConnell wants the Senate health care bill to be debated under special "reconciliation" rules that bar a Democratic filibuster, with only a majority vote for passage.

The controversial Medicaid change House Republicans made to entice NY votes for its health care bill is facing an unknown future in the Senate. They have to hear from constituents that if they vote for this bill, there's no way you're voting for them. But it took place at the White House, not in Congress. They spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal a closed-door conversation.

"I can't find a single Republican senator who said that, nor whose speeches have not illustrated and underscored that we need to have health care reform". Ernst isn't joining Trump and offering a negative analysis of the House bill, but Ernst said Republican senators "will make the revisions necessary".

Two other congressional GOP officials confirmed that the general descriptions of Trump's words were accurate. McConnell is trying to pass a secret bill that affects one-sixth of the world's largest economy, and which will have a life-or-death impact on millions of Americans. At a recent budget hearing, Heller tried to get HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price to project how fast he expects costs to grow over the next 10 years.

In comments made during his campaign and presidency, Trump promised no cuts would be made to Medicaid, no one would be dropped from their plans and everyone would be covered.

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