Surface laptop is a monstrosity

Angelica Greene
June 19, 2017

The biggest problem with the Surface Laptop is that it is a completely sealed unit. Unfortunately, it seems like the industrial design tomes referenced by Microsoft's esteemed designers skipped an important chapter - reparability.

While Microsoft's Surface Laptop might look the goods, once you get inside the thing, well, it reveals its uglier, less repairable side.

But what about if you do this, and subsequently decide you don't like Pro, so you want to switch back to Windows 10 S?

Indeed, the teardown experts gave the Surface Laptop a 0 Repairability Score, calling it "a glue-filled monstrosity". And while Microsoft has previously marketed it as "the tablet that can replace your laptop", the Surface Pro now carries the tagline of "the most versatile laptop in the world". As iFixit recently discovered, if something inside the portable PC goes bang, you'll nearly certainly have to get a complete new one.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Overall this new Surface Laptop is harder to fix than the Surface Book which scored a 1/10 rating thanks to the ability to replace the SSD. The laptop, due to these shortcomings, would also not last long enough and can not be opened without destroying or damaging some of its key components. The bloggers went on to request Microsoft prove their opinion wrong, but with plastic welding in evidence that's not likely.

The notebook sports a keyboard covered with Alcantara which resembles suede material but is more resistant to stains.

And, finally, iFixit said that the device had a limited lifespan as replacing the battery was both hard and unsafe. That's at least 3 or 4 years isn't it?

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