Dan Harmon Tweets about Rick and Morty Season 3 Delay

Ruben Ruiz
June 26, 2017

If you don't believe me, check out this Rick and Morty behind-the-scenes clip, where Harmon encourages Roiland to actually get drunk while voicing Rick.

A hungover thread where I address Rick and Morty devotees because I feel bad for any fan worrying about any show-threatening issue: Justin and I are very regretful about the season taking way too long.

"Anyway, season 3 is coming, we took too long writing it, they're finishing drawing it, it's coming, AS said summer, that's real, press covfe".

It was announced back in April that we should expect Rick and Morty to return this summer, but we have yet to get a specific release date. Previously, the network aired the first episode of season 3 in April but no more episodes came after this.

So to quell online rumors that he's been fighting with co-creator Justin Roiland or that the show is doomed, Harmon wrote a statement truncated into tweets this morning. However, the creator took to Twitter and assured that relations between the two minds were fine and that wasn't the reason behind the new season's delay.

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Harmon will act as executive producer on this new series, Good Game, with YouTubers Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan from Game Grumps starring as the eSports players in question. It could also just be Roiland and Harmon fucking around for a while, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

In a new Twitter thread explaining the delay, Harmon spoke with his usual combination of candor and self-criticism, going into some depth about his own feelings of frustration not only with the delays but the reporting being done on the internet about the show's future. According to the co-creator, the reason for the delay is not as dramatic as speculated and it is more because the script took longer to write than any other reason. But don't worry about the content, because, the reason overthought slows you down is, you just do way more versions of stuff than needed.

The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write. "Fighting probably would have been a good idea, it might have sped us up". If you do know of me at all you know that if Justin and I HAD ever fought, not only wouldn't we be able to keep it secret, we'd be all too eager to share it with you.

The upcoming season is expected to air sometime this year and may bring along Evil Morty.

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