Senate health-care bill faces serious resistance from GOP moderates

Angie Massey
June 26, 2017

Rand Paul (R., Ky.), issued a joint statement in opposition to the measure, conceding that while there are some improvements in the bill it does not go far enough to provide comprehensive reform. "She has met with and heard the concerns of many Mainers about their health care challenges, and she will continue to do so as she studies the impact of this legislation on ME and the nation".

ROVNER: It differs in some significant ways.

"I have to start off by, I guess first congratulating all of the millionaires on the incredible gift that they're about to get", Danielson said.

Opponents of Obamacare say it is unfair to require people to buy insurance plans, expensive ones at that. And plans might be able to offer less coverage.

HORSLEY: But the Senate bill preserves another, more popular piece of Obamacare, the requirement that insurance companies cover everyone, even those with pre-existing conditions.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Sen. He says the idea that the bill would lower health care premiums is a "lie". If the risk pool is healthier, premiums would rise more slowly. "I hope they're being genuine about that". Susan Collins, R-Maine, said the centrist has some misgivings about the bills as well. She said that the Affordable Care Act is critical to getting her daughter the care she needs.

America is better than that; we can take care of vulnerable Americans and still have a growing economy for the middle class and keep our country safe.

"Almost all of my students are poor and but for Medicaid, they would get no services at all".

MARTIN: This is also a longtime goal, mainly Republicans but also some Democrats, to kind of rein in this very significant entitlement program. And that's precisely what the Senate bill did! Fortunately, buried in the House bill was a way out of the morass.

"This is a awful bill", Minnesota Sen. So it would basically erode the ability of states to pay for their Medicaid programs. Essentially the state governments become the primary decision makers on who gets Medicaid now as opposed to having it be available to everybody who meet certain criteria? "You know, health care is a very hard situation". We're already seeing governors complain.

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Sens. Susan Collins, Rand Paul express doubts about Senate health care bill
Trump said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer criticized the GOP bill before knowing what was in it. Collins said she disagreed with Conway's assertions about Medicaid cuts.

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Heller, facing a competitive re-election battle next year, said he was opposing the legislation because of the cuts it would make in Medicaid. They could raise taxes. "It's too much, too fast with too great a burden on the states".

MARTIN: And politically, where do things stand with this in the Senate right now?

"It's not that they're opposed", he said.

The Senate bill couldn't pass under an ordinary floor vote, but the GOP has opted to use a maneuver known as reconciliation that allows a bill to pass with the bare minimum of 51 votes, so long as it adheres to a complex set of rules.

Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president of the consulting firm Avalare Health, said the Senate subsidies would be smaller than Obama's because they're keyed to the cost of a bare-bones plan and because additional help now provided for deductibles and copayments would eventually be discontinued.

ABC News also reported that as the GOP bill was being released Thursday morning there was a "large protest gathered outside McConnell's office, with people in wheelchairs staging a 'die-in, ' and protesters chanting that no changes be made to Medicaid".

"It's going to be a good bill", Trump said in a separate Fox News interview to air on Sunday.

Failure to bring either of those parties on board would likely kill the legislation.

"The current bill does not repeal Obamacare", Paul said.

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