Sophie Turner is "terrified" of 'Game of Thrones' coming to an end

Angelica Greene
July 17, 2017

In a new interview with W Magazine, the 21-year-old said she is fully aware that Game of Thrones is coming to an end but is not quite prepared for what's going to happen after.

The first episode of season 7, titled Dragonstone, will premiere on Sunday in the US.

Was the sixth season the deadliest in the series' history? Don't you deserve a little more? Before, she was a victim in many ways. The Blackfish was last seen defending the Tully family seat at Riverrun.

This is the latest display of Turner's relationship with Vuitton, in addition to her frequent appearances at the brand's fashion shows and her penchant for sporting Nicolas Ghesquière's designs on the red carpet-from the Golden Globes to the Met Gala.

With all those players taken off the board, the game of thrones has gotten much smaller. The Dothraki bow, accepting her as their new leader.

There's one more pesky wannabe king that could cause problems: their uncle Euron. "It's interesting. Naturally, I'm a blonde, but all of a sudden, I'm back to red and I'm suddenly like, oh, Sophie's back", she told InStyle of becoming a redhead once again. Yara and Theon got there first (using his ships), but Euron is still alive and potentially a threat.

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Discussing her storyline with Access Hollywood, Sophie said: "The past seven seasons have seen her adapting to these situations while being a prisoner while being a victim and a captive". Bran travels north of the wall where discovers the truth of the past.

As far as the show has revealed, Bran is the only person who knows this important information. She has undoubtedly come out stronger and more clear of mind than any other character. Since then, the role of Sansa Stark has been a major part of her life.

Sansa has control over Petry Baelish in Season 7 [VIDEO]. She promptly begins working on her revenge list - starting by killing Walder Frey. But before that, let's honor the ones we've already lost. When questioned by the suspicious Lords of the Vale, Sansa lies and protects Littlefinger, allowing him to consolidate his position as Warden of Robyn and the effective power in the Vale.

From Game of Thrones' pilot, Maisie Williams' Arya, a tomboy with dreams of fighting alongside her brothers and father, was destined to be a series favorite. "Battle of the Bastards" sees Jon and Ramsay face off, and with last minute help from Sansa's secret alliance with Petyr Baelish, Jon Snow defeats Ramsay, recaptures Winterfell and is named King in the North. Also in the sept were the High Sparrow and his loyal fanatics, who had risen to power in the city and humiliated Cersei by forcing her to walk the city naked.

We also learned, during one of Bran's trips to the past, that the ancient Children of the Forest created the White Walkers as a weapon to fight man.

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