Space station crew to get 3 shots at solar eclipse Aug 21

Cesar Mills
August 12, 2017

"You certainly do not want to look at it here in Evansville and you want to wear the solar eclipse glasses the entire eclipse".

If it happens to be completely overcast in your location during the eclipse, the only way you're going to directly view it is if you go online and check out livestream of the event (like ours!). There is a narrow band, which extends from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, where observers will experience a total eclipse.

Today, we know the moon's precise contours and orbit, and can accurately predict an eclipse's timing and its path down to the scale of a city block.

With the date of the total solar eclipse approaching, public libaries have been hosting special programs over the last couple of weeks, and some are also providing eclipse glasses to the public.

While Brookings will not be in the total eclipse path, the community will still have a pretty good show, experiencing a partial eclipse with.91 magnitude. The experiment aims to map electrons within the sun's atmosphere, known as the corona, and could answer the question of why the sun's surface, which is several thousands degrees, is so much cooler than its atmosphere, which has been gauged in the millions of degrees. That the moon is an irregular body, and especially along the edge, along the outer rim during an eclipse, there are going to be mountains and valleys, and so depending on where the sun disappears from where you are, maybe it disappears behind a mountain, in which case the eclipse starts early for you.

Even if it doesn't inspire the next Einstein, this year's eclipse might give rise to a more passionate, more diverse generation of scientists, one that has a deeply personal connection to the motions of the universe. "Normally if you look directly at the sun, the natural response is to squint, shield your eyes, blink or turn away". "Now we're hearing that Atchison, all those places, are so busy, they may not make it to those places".

"What we're hoping to do is take images and stitch them together to make a long movie of the corona", Baer said.

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Merlo also explains it's important to make sure your solar eclipse glasses are certified, something that's hard to see. But the American Astronomical Society is now saying such a label is no longer adequate to verify glasses' safety.

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Definitely check out our TWN livestream, on TV and on the web, as we expect to be sending back footage from the path of totality, but there are also opportunities to perform some cool science during the eclipse.

If you're looking at a partial eclipse, keep those glasses on.

Check the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers link,, for a list of manufacturers and authorized dealers of eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers that are verified to comply with ISO 12312-2, worldwide safety standard for these products.

This has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse because it will only be visible from the United States.

For people in many places, the total solar eclipse could be a once-in-a-lifetime event. But Carbondale will see its second total solar eclipse in April 2024.

Watson Davis, an editor for the nonprofit communications initiative Science Service, radioed down a description of the airship's view after some transmission interference. This is a free event, open to the public. The solar filters, which must meet the worldwide standard ISO 12312-2, are used in eclipse glasses and hand-held filters. Alternatively, these glasses are also available locally.

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