What a US Nuclear Strike on North Korea Would Look Like

Pauline Gross
August 12, 2017

The resolution was a direct response to North Korea's successful tests last month of two intercontinental ballistic missiles that for the first time demonstrated an ability to reach the USA mainland.

But Tillerson appeared more conciliatory on Monday. "And we hope, again, that this ultimately will result in North Korea coming to the conclusion to choose a different pathway, and when the conditions are right that we can sit and have a dialogue around the future of North Korea so that they feel secure and prosper economically".

Apart from a developing missile and nuclear program, North Korea has a powerful army with 700,000 active troops and another 4.5 million in the reserves.

North Korea is ready to give the United States a "severe lesson" with its strategic nuclear force if it takes military action against it, and will not put its nuclear program or its missiles on the negotiating table, it said in a statement to a regional meeting on Monday. Aside from military force, scenarios range from a new round of peace talks to more aggressive actions like intercepting ships suspected of selling North Korea weapons overseas, one of the regime's key sources of income.

Tillerson would not spell out a deadline for North Korea to respond to the diplomatic overture. The past six decades have been punctuated by periodic rises in antagonism and rhetoric that have always stopped short of a resumption of active hostilities.

The ASEAN foreign ministers expressed concern over North Korea's missile and nuclear tests that threatens peace, security and stability in the region and world.

Liou said Japan's comments were squarely aimed at ensuring a continued US military presence in the region.

He said Washington would not "specify a specific number of days or weeks" before deciding that North Korea had indeed halted its tests.

The current participants in the ARF are all ASEAN members, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, the European Union, India, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, East Timor, the United States, and Sri Lanka.

The UN unanimously approved the sanctions which include a ban on coal and other exports worth over $1 billion, according to the AP.

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The new sanctions are the toughest yet, potentially cutting off a third of North Korea's exports and undermining the country's stabilizing economy.

He said nothing - not even sanctions against China - will prompt them "to do our bidding" with North Korea.

Ri was spotted at the gala smiling and toasting with the other foreign ministers. He says he told Ri "do not violate the United Nations decision or provoke the global community's goodwill by conducting missile launches or nuclear tests".

Speaking at the ASEAN security forum in the Phillippines on Monday evening, North Korea's foreign minister said the DPRK was a legitime nuclear power.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged Pyongyang and Washington to sign up to a previously unveiled joint Russian-Chinese plan under which North Korea would freeze missile tests and the United States and South Korea would impose a moratorium on large-scale military exercises.

North Korea says its ICBMs are a legitimate means of defense.

For example, even if North Korea changed course and opted to negotiate, what would it take for the United States and U.N.to scale back on sanctions?

Responding to the ICBM provocation with a show of force, the US and South Korean troops on Wednesday conducted "deep strike" precision missile drills using Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) and the Republic of Korea's Hyunmoo Missile II.

"Owing to China's traditional economic ties with North Korea, it will mainly be China paying the price for implementing the resolution", the statement cited Wang as saying.

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