Your Guide To Watching The Great American Eclipse

Angelica Greene
August 19, 2017

Can the eclipse damage their eyes, too?

Jefferson Pointe will host a solar eclipse viewing party 1-3 p.m. Monday at its courtyard fountain. A total solar eclipse will be viewable in a line from OR to SC.

As New York City, and all of North America for that matter, prepare to view the Monday, August 21 solar eclipse, Public Safety has a message for the student body that they sent out via email on Friday.

Tyson also suggested people who don't have solar eclipse glasses hold a spaghetti strainer to the ground, like a pinhole camera, and look at the shadows to see the moon cover the sun. Even the smallest amount of light that might pass through the lenses could damage your eyesight when staring directly at the sun. West Texas will have about 75 percent totality, so the sun will be mostly blocked but some will remain visible.

Experts say the eclipse could make your pets act a little odd, but nothing to get worked up about.

Sunglasses are not safe for eclipse viewing, Lambright said. Your vision may be distorted and you could develop blind spots.

Kopp added that the risk of eye damage during an eclipse is reduced during the brief period when the sun is completely covered by the moon.

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Okay, but I still want to see the partial eclipse. Ophthalmologists should consider solar retinopathy in patients with unexplained visual loss symptoms after the eclipse, say the authors.

If you're feeling like getting a truly immersive experience, CNN is pulling a CNN and going all out by showing the eclipse in VR. The last solar eclipse was 38 years ago, but that was only visible to parts of the country.

According to the American Astronomical Society (AAS), glasses should have a manufacturer label and ISO number 12312-2. It has about 50 solar eclipse glasses that patrons will be sharing so everyone has an opportunity to use them during the event, said Youth Services Librarian Chris Curley.

"You are actually seeing a picture of the sun and you'll see all the action in the palm of your hand". Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter. A touch of the finger transforms the image of a solar eclipse into the moon.

Worthey said the best places on campus to view the eclipse are on the lawn in front of Holland Library or at the Jewett Observatory.

After you glance at the sun, turn away and remove your glasses or viewer. Although the path of totality will only pass through 14 states in the US, the solar eclipse 2017 can still be viewed in parts of South America, Africa and Europe.

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