Artificial sweeteners could raise risk of diabetes

Ebony Scott
September 15, 2017

There are close to 500 drugs worldwide which are now licensed to treat type 2 diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels but they are not treating the disease process and are missing the point, said Professor Mike Lean, from Glasgow University's Human Nutrition Section.

A new study presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting in Lisbon has found that the device is a safe and effective treatment.

Having spikes and troughs in blood glucose levels can be extremely unsafe and, over time, this can lead to the development of type two diabetes.

The authors concluded that: "This study supports the concept that artificial sweeteners could reduce the body's control of blood sugar levels and highlights the potential for exaggerated post-meal glucose levels in high habitual NAS users, which could predispose them to developing Type 2 diabetes".

"We found out that any reduction of insulin dose greater than 20 percent, or the absence of a meal and missing the insulin dose, or the significant intake of alcohol makes you more vulnerable to ketoacidosis", he explained, noting that since these issues were avoided in the DEPICT-1 study, no increase in ketoacidosis was observed.

In the study, 27 healthy people were randomly picked to consume capsules containing either artificial sweeteners - either sucralose or acesulfame-K - or a "dummy" placebo.

At the end of the 2 weeks, the glucose tested and glucose absorption, plasma glucose, and levels of insulin and gut peptides were examined. "But many patients still develop complications and life expectancy remains up to six years shorter than in people without diabetes".

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ARTIFICIAL sweeteners used in food and drinks could increase the risk of type two diabetes developing, research suggests.

Type 2 diabetes means the body can no longer maintain healthy blood sugar levels through production of the hormone insulin.

She said studies had previously only been done on mice.

The experts said weight loss of around 15 kg often produces total remission of type 2 diabetes. It is thus premature to point the finger at artificial sweeteners as isolated elements of risk.

Taylor's work showed an extreme drop in the amount of fat in the liver in people with Type 2 diabetes which resulted in the normalization of insulin sensitivity within seven days of starting a very low-calorie diet. "In particular, men whose wives are obese may benefit from being followed more closely".

"Type 2 diabetes could be beaten into remission if patients shed around 15kg, [2.4 stones]" reports BBC News.

Emma Elvin, clinical adviser at the charity Diabetes UK, said: ‘We need to see the results of larger trials in settings more true to real life before we'll know more.

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