Lost Interest in Sex? This Could Help

Ebony Scott
September 15, 2017

Women in relationships lasting more than a year were around four times more likely to show a lack of interest in sex than those in shorter relationships, scientists found.

More turn-offs for women were having children under five and having given birth in the a year ago, the study found.

Co-author Dr Kirstin Mitchell, at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow (UK), commented: "The findings on the strong association between open sexual communication and a reduced likelihood of sexual interest problems emphasise the importance of providing a broad sexual and relationships education rather than limiting attention only to adverse consequences of sex and how to prevent them".

Other factors included having STIs and past experiences of forced intercourse.

"Interestingly, men who endorsed the view that "men have a higher sex drive than women" were significantly less likely to report lacking interest in sex, whereas women who agreed with this statement were more likely to do so".

However, the researchers explained that there was no evidence to suggest that this had anything to do with menopause, despite occurring around those ages in women.

Everyone knows it can be hard to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship - but research suggests that it's women who go off the boil first. It's typical to feel like things have gotten a little vanilla when it comes to your sex life, but a new study claims that feeling can come sooner for people who identify as women.

However, those whose partner had had sexual difficulties, and those who were less happy in their relationship, were more likely to say they had lost interest in sex at some stage, the researchers said.

The study found men were still up for having sex
GETTY STUDY Men were found to still want sex with their partner after one year with their partner

In any case, they found that having youthful kids at home was a specific kill for women.

The researchers found interest in sex gradually declined with age among women, with 25 percent of 11 to 24-year-olds saying they were uninterested in sex, a rate that rose to 39 percent among 55 to 64-year-olds.

Women whose general interests differed from those of their partners also experienced a lack of sex drive.

"This features the need to survey and - if vital - treat sexual want issues in an all encompassing and relationship-particular, and in addition sex particular way".

Almost 5,000 men and 6,700 women answered questions regarding their own sexual experiences.

She added that this was a problem that could not be fixed by a pill alone.

Major said, "Sex is a very personal thing, and talking about it can be embarrassing".

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