NYT Columnist Calls for Repealing Second Amendment

Ebony Scott
October 7, 2017

Eventually, as the fervor for gun legislation peters out and momentum fades, the NRA claims a win for civil rights and grows much more confident than before.

But I think we can all agree that it's very hard for gun-rights supporters to enter good-faith negotiations over gun law reforms with people who've announced up front that they want to confiscate your guns, strip you of your constitutional rights and think of you as the moral equivalent of Simon Legree.

Private gun owners of what are, in effect, weapons of mass destruction, in no way compose a "well-regulated Militia" and, as is patently obvious by the gun massacres of recent times, do not ensure the people's security in any public space. That is the least we can do to honor the victims of the Las Vegas carnage.

Moore isn't alone in his call to repeal the Second Amendment. You also said,"It's safe to say repealing the Second Amendment isn't on the horizon". But it doesn't need a blanket Constitutional protection, either.

"We will never eliminate all murder; that's been with us since Cain killed Abel", Moore concluded.

The time to amend the Second Amendment of 1791 to protect the citizens of 2017 from the current random epidemic of gun violence is now.

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Donald Trump will likely get one more Supreme Court nomination, or two or three, before he leaves office, guaranteeing a pro-gun court for another generation.

This amendment was offered by president-to-be James Madison to defray attempts by opponents of ratification of the Constitution who were concerned about the federal government having the authority to maintain a peacetime army.

I wonder what Madison would have to say about that today, when more than twice as many Americans perished previous year at the hands of their fellows as died in battle during the entire Revolutionary War. The true foundation of American exceptionalism should be our capacity for moral and constitutional renewal, not our instinct for self-destruction.

Even documentary filmmaker (Bowling for Columbine, etc.) and left-wing activist Michael Moore didn't go so far as to recommend eliminating the Second Amendment. These are the same conservatives who seem to think that if it weren't for gun ownership, we wouldn't be a free people.

Stephens tries anticipates arguments against repealing the Second Amendment, and tries to address some of them by writing: "Some conservatives will insist that the Second Amendment is fundamental to the structure of American liberty".

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