'Ok Google, What's This Song?' Feature Coming Soon to Google Assistant

Cesar Mills
October 8, 2017

For the past few years, Moment has been producing lenses for smartphones and now the firm has announced support for Google's latest, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The Pixel Buds can be used with the iPhone too, but only Pixel owners will be able to use tools like Translate and the Google Assistant.

Yesterday, google shook up the tech world by releasing a number of new gadgets, one of which will come in very handy if you're traveling overseas. The Buds are not completely wireless however, with the two buds connected with a fabric tether that has a certain portion that loops through the earpiece.

The Pixel Buds design allows you to adjust the cable to make them fit more comfortably in your ear. The method to trigger Google Assistant is the same touch and hold on the right earbud trick.

Google tested the feature during its presentation, one speaker speaking English, the other Swedish, both wearing their earbuds, and there was barely any lag time between the speaking saying the words and the earbuds hearing and translating them to the other party.

I get it, Google has its own way of murdering the headphone jack, and it doesn't seem to proud to do it. When you next speak, the Buds will then play the translation out loud in French.

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That's where the Pixel Buds come in - a rival to Apple's wireless AirPods. And, similar to Apple's Siri, you can ask questions through the Pixel Buds and get an answer in your ear.

Like the Pixel 2, the Pixel Buds are available in three different colors.

If fully charged, they offer up to five hours of non-stop listening.

Unlike the standard Pixel and 8, Google's phone is the one that's slightly more expensive this time around, with an $849 price tag compared to the Plus' $799.

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