Observations From The Line For McDonald's One-Day Only Schezuan Sauce Promotion

Ruben Ruiz
October 9, 2017

Inspired by the popular Adult Swim series, the fast food chain recently offered customers a *very* limited supply of Szechuan sauce.

During season three of Rick and Morty - a show the premise of which centres on a time-traveling and dimension-hopping grandfather and grandson - mad-scientist-type Rick declares it his life mission to get the sauce.

The fast-food giant brought the sauce - originally introduced 19 years ago as a promotion for the Disney Film "Mulan" - back on Saturday afternoon at select locations.

For many, Saturday, October 7 has been circled multiple times on the calendar in preparation for McDonald's Szechuan sauce to make a one-day comeback. The Szechuan sauce became available at 2:00 pm and a Wellington, FL location ran out within 30 minutes.

Like many thousands of people yesterday, I went to McDonald's to see about scoring a packet of their much-coveted Szechuan sauce.

One couple posted that they had driven for four hours to a restaurant stocking the sauce, but were left disappointed.

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"So we went to that restaurant that we were told had the sauce, we go there and they say there is no sauce, and we find a few other Rick and Morty fans there", she said. In the episode, Rick reveals his mad obsession with Szechuan and claims the entire objective of his television quest is to once again taste the savory dipping sauce.

Some super-fans did get their hands on the sauce. However, not many people who were the first 50 in line got gifts.

McDonald's announced the Szechuan's return last week, describing it as a "really, really limited release" to special locations in the US.

However, this might not be the end for the legendary sauce. "But who knows where space-time will take us next?"

Despite coming themselves, a few people denounced the situation, calling it some variation of "ridiculous" or even "stupid", in one case. There was a level of frustration in the air, with everyone wondering wondering why McDonald's squandered a potentially great promotional opportunity by offering only 20 servings of the sauce that everyone came for.

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