Craziest WWE Hell In A Cell Moments Of All Time

Ruben Ruiz
October 10, 2017

Let's take a look at every one of the night's matches and find out.

Randy Ortan will face Rusev in a non title match.

Results: Near the end, the ref finally forced the Singh Brothers to head to the back.

Likewise, it serves as part of a slow-burning push for physically-impressive rising star Shelton Benjamin and well-liked face Chad Gable - now seeking a new gimmick following the departure of his American Alpha tag partner Jason Jordan to the RAW brand as part of a kayfabe storyline positioning him as the long-lost illegitimate son of General Manager Kurt Angle. This was a nice reminder that there are other teams capable of performing on Tuesday nights. Mahal might defend the title once on "SmackDown" between now and then, but he'll likely be in the five-on-five elimination tag match, meaning we probably won't see a consistent No. 1 contender for a while.

Earlier, Shane attacked Kevin Owens before he even got inside the ring, starting the match outside the cage. The four men were brutal here, and their use of Kendo sticks was something The Sandman would have been proud of. If insulting Shane McMahon and his family wasn't bad enough, Owens beat the living heck out of the WWE's Chairman & CEO, Vincent McMahon.

Was he the most insane one, though? AJ Styles continues to be the MVP of WWE by always giving his best.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans what was the most tense moment during the McMahon vs. Owens Hell In a Cell main event last night.

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The match itself was a fairly standard Orton affair and nothing particularly worth writing home about. You would think that they'd try to make that special, and with Ric Flair being such an important part of Starrcade, why not have his daughter win it there? He lost clean to Orton yet again after taking an RKO.

First off, they failed to portray Corbin as a credible challenger, having him pick up weak victories or flat out lose in the weeks leading up to tonight.

Note: During the pre-show, Dillinger convinced Daniel Bryan to insert him into the match.

The match itself was a good, if not slightly problematic encounter.

The two wasted little time trying to destroy each other, with Owens slamming McMahon against the cage and taunting his kids on the other side. It just seems like this is the match that would be the ideal time for such a cash in so I'll go with that for my prediction. While all three men looked great in the match, AJ Styles eventually hit Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm. The fans chanting 'where's your briefcase?' was also amusing. Toward the end of the 30-minute affair, Michaels performed his super-kick on Undertaker, who then fell into Triple H's hands as he executed his patented pedigree.

The WWE women's division has evolved in the past couple of months.

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