Trump clearly doesn't know the story of how Columbus discovered the Americas

Pauline Gross
October 10, 2017

According to a September Marist Poll, 56 percent of Americans still view Columbus favorably or very favorably, and 28 percent view him unfavorably.

But there's no doubt that Columbus' voyages "had an undeniable historical impact, sparking the great age of Atlantic exploration, trade and eventually colonization by Europeans", Perry wrote.

Americans in general had a positive view of Columbus.

"They were going to go into the Panama Canal, and sail into the San Francisco Bay as part of this national hoopla", says John Curl, Berkeley resident and one of the original organizers of the first Indigenous People's Day.

The first Columbus Day celebration in the USA took place in 1792, when a group of leaders in NY held an event to commemorate the 300 anniversary of the explorer's historic landing.

The annual celebration comes as de Blasio has called for a review of statues, plaques and landmarks around the city - including those that honor Columbus.

The group Indigenous Peoples Day Massachusetts has a statewide campaign to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with a day to honor native people from throughout the Americas. It was first observed every October 12 until being moved in 1971 to the second Monday in October. It is marked across the Americas, and became a US holiday in 1937. They, along with Orono, Starks and Brunswick, will draw attention to the culture of Maine's Native American tribes, rather than a brutal explorer.

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"It was established by Congress, and while other cities have chosen not to recognize it, technically it's still there".

It was a unanimous vote in the city council, though President Barbara Johnson said some of her Italian-American constituents were "somewhat offended" by the decision.

Do you think Columbus Day should be observed as a federal holiday?

"There are a lot of inaccuracies in our history", Green said.

They're told that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, leading to colonies on this side of the pond. "He also took slaves for display back home and to work in his conquered lands".

Eighty years later, more and more people want to rethink - and rename - his legacy.

President Trump apparently disagreed with Obama's contention that it is a history we must recognize. In Latin America it's thee Dia de la Hispanidad, in Spain it's the Fiesta Nacional, in Belize and Uruguay it is celebrated as a day to respect cultural diversity on Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural, and in the United States it's celebrated as Columbus Day. "He was a man ahead of his time, who brought two worlds together and began the process that led to the founding of this country".

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