Air pollution kills 50000 people in UK

Pauline Gross
October 21, 2017

These are not spread evenly, with 92 percent happening in "low-income and middle-income countries". Its dangers lie in respiratory and heart diseases including lung cancer, which can develop from long-term exposure.

The alarm was sounded in Thursday's report by The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, an global group of over 40 authors writing on health and environment.

According to reports, clearly shows that five death in every minute due to pollution in the country, researchers also stated that China stood second with 1.8 million deaths attributed to pollution. In industrialized countries, such as India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Madagascar, air pollution contributes to a quarter of total deaths.

Meantime, water pollution was responsible for 1.8 million fatalities, while work-related pollution - which caused 800,000 deaths two years ago - posed the next largest risk, the report said.

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World leaders have been urged to take pollution more seriously after the worldwide group of scientists concluded that it was killing nine million people a year.

The study was conducted by around 40 world scientists, using data from the World Burden Disease Study, Institute of Metrics and Health Evaluation at the University of Washington.

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