Doctors Want The Public To Get Vaccinated For This Years Flu Season

Ebony Scott
November 8, 2017

A new flu vaccine that can protect against many different strains of the flu shows promise in early animal tests, according to a study. It was suggested that the A H3N2 virus possessed an adaptive mutation that affected egg-grown vaccines. "Now is a good time to get the flu vaccine as the vaccine takes about two weeks for protection to set in", Carrillo added.

"An ideal influenza vaccine would be low-priced, provide long-lasting immunity, require few immunizations and would work against all variants of the virus", Weaver said.

In contrast, all of the mice that were given traditional flu shots got sick and died when exposed to the same lethal doses of flu.

The goal is to combine the desired HA and NA antigens from the target strain (flu strain 1) with genes from a harmless strain that grows well in an egg (flu strain 2).

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The egg method allows for large-scale manufacturing but is unreliable.

"Some of the hospitals in York Region have developed their own in-house campaign and have accessed our staff to support them in providing infection prevention and control education on the importance of influenza immunizations", the email said. Those that received higher doses of the vaccine didn't even get sick. "Some protection against H3N2 viruses is better than nothing and other components of the vaccine, like H1N1 and influenza B, will likely provide excellent protection this year". The vaccine 2016 had been "updated" to include the new version of this mutant protein but without much success, he says.

After the experiment, the scientists now are looking forward to conducting more research in order to see whether or not the same vaccine might be applicable to humans too. The molecule is a type of sugar, hence the reason it's being called a glycosylation site. Once it has been injected, these specific viruses trigger the body's immune system to go against proteins which move away from the surface of the flu virus. The vaccine is made from an inactivated virus that can not transmit infection. "Our data suggest that we should invest in new technologies to significantly increase the production of influenza vaccines that do not depend on eggs", he argued.

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