North Korea rules out nuke negotiations

Pauline Gross
November 18, 2017

While recovering from his injuries in a South Korean hospital, doctors discovered his intestines were riddled with large and unusual parasites, providing a rare insight into the nutrition, health, and everyday life of North Koreans.

China meanwhile, has proposed that to start peace negotiations, North Korea could stop its nuclear and missile programs in exchange for the US and South Korea stopping regular military drills in the region.

He is believed to be an army staff sergeant in his mid-20s who was stationed in the Joint Security Area in the United Nations truce village of Panmunjom, according to Kim Byung-kee, a lawmaker of South Korea's ruling party, briefed by the National Intelligence Service.

The impoverished farmers of North Korea reportedly use human waste as fertilizer for its crops, the BBC reported.

Doctors said the soldier's height was 1.7 metres (5ft 7in) and his weight 60kg (9st 6lb).

"(The soldier's condition is) not surprising at all considering the North's hygiene and parasite problems", Choi added.

     USS RONALD REAGAN The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is permanently stationed in Japan
GETTY USS RONALD REAGAN The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is permanently stationed in Japan

South Korea's Lee also added that it could have "a very significant meaning considering the current situation". "The parasite infection problem seems to be serious even if it does not represent the entire North Korean population".

"The paper said that several officials confirmed that the disruption efforts include another, more sophisticated attempt at the kind of cyber and electronic strikes that former President Barack Obama ordered in 2014 when he intensified his efforts to cripple North Korea's missile testing". A lack of livestock, however, made it hard to find animal waste, said Lee, the agriculture expert. North Korea has denied the allegation. "Vegetables grown in it are considered more delicious than others", Lee said. Use of the corn found in his stomach, which is cheaper than rice but less popular, has increased in years when North Koreans are more anxious about harvests. That's according to a report released Thursday by 38North, a North Korea monitoring project based out of Washington, DC.

Despite the drought and worldwide sanctions over Pyongyang's nuclear programme, the cost of corn and rice has remained relatively stable, according to a Reuters analysis of market data collected by the defector-run Daily NK website.

One-quarter of North Korean children aged between six months and five years who attend nurseries the WFP supports suffer from chronic malnutrition, it said.

North Korean defectors often come over to South Korea with parasites, in one case with more than 30 types of ringworm.

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