White House Briefing Twist: Give Thanks, Then Ask Questions

Pauline Gross
November 22, 2017

"You probably know, and it's no secret, that I'm clearly very thankful for all of you here in this room, and I think that goes without saying", Sanders said with a smile.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' plan to ring in the holiday season by making reporters look uncomfortable largely went off without a hitch during Monday's press briefing - with one notable exception. "I'm sincerely thankful for the incredible privilege of serving this president and the American people".

"I'm thankful for the position I have and the colleagues who are my friends".

When Ryan followed up on her question about North Korea, Huckabee Sanders interrupted, "I'm starting to regret calling on you first".

But other reporters said they were thankful for the protections afforded by the First Amendment, and the ability to ask a question.

The press secretary offered the first question to CNN contributor April Ryan with the condition that she say what she was most thankful for.

Occasionally, officials have utitlized the White House press briefings to trot out manipulated stories or all-out falsehoods that support their agenda.

She then laid out some ground rules, telling journalists they will have to talk about things they are thankful for before asking any questions.

Some reporters played along in what could only be described as an incredibly awkward bonding exercise, but ABC News' Senior White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega's made a decision to subtly hit back.

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"Taxing them too much-attack them-and they might start drinking overseas, where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier", Sanders said.

Vega wasn't the only reporter to cite the First Amendment (though there certainly should have been more).

"You're thankful for all of us", Ryan said.

"But we're part of it", Ryan said.

"I think we all are", Sanders replied.

Meanwhile, Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller was admonished for refusing to follow the freakish rule.

"Zeke, you did break the rule of not offering anything you were thankful for", Huckabee Sanders chided him, to laughter.

I'm thankful to have never sat through a White House press briefing where I was expected to say what I was thankful for. Sanders then closed out the briefing by saying, "thank you for participating in this very fun exercise".

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