Trump Endorses Accused Child Molester Over "Liberal Person" Doug Jones

Ruben Ruiz
November 25, 2017

The Virginia lawmaker said he expects Trump chose to support Moore after looking at the "raw politics" of the situation, knowing he can't afford to lose a Republican-held seat in Congress. "At the same time, you also have to be skeptical in some instances, but I don't think this is one that we should be". "Anything they can do, any lie they can make up, any person they can drag up and put in front of a TV camera to say negative things against Judge Moore is coming".

"Will we make their abuser a USA senator?" the narrator in the ad said, referring to the women who have accused Moore of inappropriate behavior.

A retired Alabama police officer added to the allegations against Moore, telling MSNBC Nov. 21 that officers were instructed to keep him away from high school cheerleaders. Are we going to be sold a bill of goods by Mitch McConnell? Are we? Are we that gullible?

Young said the campaign would not answer reporters' questions about the matter.

On Tuesday the Moore campaign's chief political strategist, Dean Young, delivered a scathing statement to the media - blasting his accusers as politically motivated and unbelievable. "But I've got to think something that supposedly happened decades ago, that if there were truth to it, we would have heard about it instead of when Roy Moore is now facing an opponent for a seat in the U.S. Senate".

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They challenged details given by Leigh Corfman who said Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14 and by Beverly Nelson who said Moore assaulted her when he was a 16-year-old waitress.

The president did not rule out a possible campaign stop with Moore.

"According to records the media has not bothered to look at, we've been able to find that Corfman's supposed pickup place was nearly a mile away from her mother's house and would have been across a major thoroughfare", longtime Moore aide Ben DuPre stated, according to The Washington Post.

Cooke also pushed back on a number of reports that have said Moore was banned from a shopping mall in his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama, for harassing teenage girls.

Sessions said he had no reason to doubt Moore's accusers. She said they were rumors. "They are not facts". "This is an effort by these people - the liberal media, the Republican establishment - to malign the good name of Judge Moore".

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