EA Announces Battlefront II Additions for The Last Jedi, New Credit Changes

Ruben Ruiz
December 5, 2017

The most successful players will especially see bigger buffs in credit drops thanks to the end-of-round payout increase, DICE said.

Star Wars Battlefront II will also see a new wave of additional content beginning tomorrow, December 5, where "The Last Jedi" season will include new heroes, vehicles, and maps for players to explore in addition to new single-player missions and Faction Challenges. Finally, players will have the ability to earn triple the previous daily limit of credits in Arcade Mode, totaling 1,500.

When Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched, the game felt like a huge grind because it took a long time for you to earn in-game credits. Another change will allow players in the offline arcade mode to get up to 1500 credits per day instead of 500.

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Lastly, the daily crates that players receive for just logging into the game will now include more crafting parts, with the developer saying "Crafting the Star Cards you want will help make sure you're progressing in the direction you want, and we absolutely want to empower that", and adding that "This should help you get where you want to go faster when it comes to crafting and upgrading". Unfortunately, the Arcade Mode credit cap is simply being tripled instead of being removed entirely. EA says that while the team is looking at long-term additions to the mode, 'we think that this should help in the near-term for those who want rewards for completing the different scenarios'. Additionally, daily login creates will offer up even more crafting parts, making it easier to create Star Cards. You'll notice the change right away when you log in. Players will choose to work for either the First Order or Resistance while earning rewards.

Star Wars Battlefront II was officially released on November 17, 2017, and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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