White House knocks health concerns: Trump's slurred speech from 'dry throat'

Pauline Gross
December 8, 2017

He said it's okay for everyone else to use dentures, but not Trump.

Let's not forget, this is a serious issue.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the White House in Washington, U.S. December 6, 2017.

"As disturbing as it was today to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue", Noah said.

It sounded more like: "God Blesh The United Shtatesh". "A lot of times these rooms are very hot, like saunas, and I guess that is a form of exercise and, you know?" "This is what we mean when we say that somebody is becoming psychotic or is briefly psychotic".

Naturally, late night comedy show hosts had a field with Trump's apparent flubbing of several words during the speech.

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Perhaps Pres. Trump has taken to wearing dentures because his original teeth are broken or missing, although this still leaves unanswered the question of why Trump wouldn't simply opt for implants. "At this point, I wouldn't be shocked to find out he is the dude from 'Men in Black, '" Noah said jokingly. "This used to happen to my grandfather all the time". "Dentures would start falling out, and then he wouldn't be able to finish his sentence".

She added: "He does have a physical scheduled for the first part of next year, the full physical that most presidents go through. I'm saying there's nothing to it".

Trump is extremely prone to insulting people with regularity, very often for their looks or for any perceived flaw.

"Can you imagine how he would feel if people started tweeting #DentureDonald?"

While insisting there is no shame in wearing dentures, Noah said there is shame in Trump having dentures, because "he's vain as hell".

Stephen Colbert also joked about the president's speech.

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