Overkill's The Walking Dead Gets a New Trailer Featuring Playable Character Aidan

Ruben Ruiz
December 13, 2017

It went from comic book to TV series, then it got T-shirts, action figures, board games, and even an acclaimed serialized video game from Telltale. We'll have to wait for some gameplay footage to see just how much fun this will turn out to be, but so far Overkill's The Walking Dead looks very promising.

After a couple of slipped release dates, Overkill has finally started detailing what to expect on its take on Robert Kirkman's zombie world starting with a new character trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead over the weekend. Check it out, below. Oh, and intentionally waking up the walkers is ballsy move.

Overkill's The Walking Dead game is a four-player co-op multiplayer first-person shooter set in Washington, DC, as the outbreak brings the dead back to life. Not sure what Overkill's The Walking Dead is all about?

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According to Overkill, each of the game's four playable characters will have their own "special abilities, skill trees, squad roles, play styles and background stories". You'll obviously be facing off against zombies instead of police and the game takes place in a post apocalyptic Washing D.C. "You need to be able to improvise as nothing is certain and a horde of walkers is always right around the corner".

For those who still patiently waiting for a new Left 4 Dead game, Overkill's The Walking Dead sounds like it may be the flawless replacement or placeholder till that day ever arrives. Does this game sound promising, or will it be dead on arrival?

Overkill's The Walking Dead launches in Fall 2018.

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