LG unveils world's first rollable TV ahead of CES 2018

Angelica Greene
January 13, 2018

The company has not revealed much in terms of the specifications of the rollable television, but it is said to sport OLED display technology 4K resolution. This is not all, however, as it plans to add another interesting product to the mix.

LG will be showcasing its largest 88-inch 8K OLED display at CES 2018, which kicks off on January 9 in Las Vegas. LG is just showing us one way of how its rollable TV could be put to use, which in this case is by hiding the display when not in use.

LG has developed a 65-inch OLED screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

LG has yet to reveal more details on the rollable TV, though more information is set to come when CES officially opens up tomorrow.

ThinQ is a form of artificial intelligence which is shared across a number of new LG products, from televisions and speakers, to fridges, ovens, washing machines and more. Also, LG managed to further flawless its Crystal Sound OLED technology.

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High-end OLED and SUPER UHD LCD sets will be powered by the new Alpha 9 intelligent processor.

This makes for easier storage, while still achieving high resolution. The company also launched their innovative OLED wallpaper TVs past year. LG Display also intends to expand production of OLED displays through its investment in China. Except ours, of course, as we had a chance to treat our eyes to the concepts LG Display brought to CES 2018.

LG Display showed off an updated version of its "crystal sound" 65-inch prototype, which plays sound directly from the parts of the screen where the events are happening. The company has introduced what it claims is the world's first 146-inch "modular" TV.

Mr Park said enabling all appliances to talk to each other would allow devices to learn user habits and automatically carry out tasks such as controlling heating and re-ordering groceries.

The TV is a 4K unit, obviously, and is being positioned as a great option for those that value space in their living room, as when you're not using the TV it will simply roll-up in its box. LG has also upgraded in the audio category from the current standard 2.1 channel sound to 3.1 channel sound.

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