Google Chromecast devices are messing with WiFi connections

Cesar Mills
January 17, 2018

A number of complaints have started to crop up on product pages and online forums in recent months suggesting that the introduction of internet-connected Google products into the home have caused disruptions including the internet connection dropping out completely.

Reports have shown the Google Home Max as well as other Cast-enabled devices appear to be borking the Wi-Fi connections of some users. Additional time will be needed to fully explore the matter but if you've run into any Wi-Fi problems like those mentioned here, perhaps your first troubleshooting step should be to weed out potentially troublesome hardware on your network. The Cast feature normally sends packets of information at regular intervals to keep a live connection with products like Google Home. TP-Link acknowledge the issue, saying many users of its Archer C1200 have been experiencing issues with network connectivity, and offered up some technical insight into what is going on.

The issue seems to be negatively impacting other routers aside from those manufactured by TP-Link. Some users on Reddit highlight that the issue randomly disables network on all the devices connected to a wireless network which powers their Chromecast.

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That's because, while the Archer C7 was particularly susceptible, the problem appears to be endemic to the whole line of Google Cast products. The company said engineers are now investigating the matter and indicated detailed feedbacks sent in by customer will help resolve the issue fast. This issue may eventually cause some of router's primary features to shut down - including wireless connectivity. The result? A stable network that has had no dropouts or issues since. The longer your device is in "sleep', the larger this packet burst will be". The only way to fix it is by rebooting the Wi-Fi router.

The flaw has seen router manufacturers react to bypass the problem through firmware updates. Although Google is working on a fix, which is likely to arrive as an update, there is no specific time frame mentioned for it. Finally, simply unplug the Google device until a fix has been issued.

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