Rogue police officer known as Venezuelan 'Rambo' is cornered by government

Pauline Gross
January 17, 2018

Venezuelan officials say on Monday, Jan. 15, 2018 they've exchanged fire during an attempt to capture the fugitive police officer who led a high-profile attack in Caracas previous year from a stolen helicopter.

A manhunt had been underway for months after Oscar Perez used a stolen helicopter to drop grenades on the Supreme Court in June past year during anti-government protests. CNN has not been able to independently confirm Perez's death.

On Monday the authorities limited themselves to saying that the "terrorist group" was dismantled in an operation in which Special Forces commandos participated.

"Everyone who embarks on the path of terrorism and takes up arms against the republic - against the people - will get their response in due time from our armed forces and from our police forces".

"The terrorist acts committed by this terrorist cell showed the destabilizing objectives that they were pursuing", Reverol said.

Rogue police officer known as Venezuelan 'Rambo' is cornered by government

State television later revealed two police officers have been gunned down during the clash, but did not say what happened to Mr Perez. "These terrorists, who were strongly armed with high-calibre weapons, opened fire against the officials in charge of their arrest and attempted to detonate a vehicle charged with explosives", indicated a communique. Authorities have not released the names of those killed or captured.

Police finally tracked down Perez in the poor hillside neighborhood of El Junquito on the edge of the capital. The helicopter circled around the country's Supreme Court building, firing shots before throwing grenades, according to officials. In the video, Perez holds a rifle and speaks to the camera with what appears to be blood on his face.

On June 28, 2017, a group of security force officers headed by Perez hijacked a helicopter and assailed the Venezuelan Supreme Court in Caracas, opening fire and dropping several hand grenades, and also attacking the nearby Justice Ministry. We said we are going to surrender but they do not want to let us surrender. No one was injured in the incidents and Perez managed to flee before authorities swarmed in.

In several videos posted after the helicopter attack in June, Perez had declared that he belonged to an uprising of members of the security forces who were fed up with President Nicolas Maduro's administration.

"We will die standing up defending our land, never kneeling before the tyrants", another of Perez's messages said.

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