Nintendo Labo First Look

Angelica Greene
January 19, 2018

Nintendo has a new line of low-tech accessories for Switch and Joy-Con controllers, and it's all made of cardboard. Announced today (January 18), the Labo set contains 25 sheets of cardboard that players can turn, IKEA-style, into playable objects - such as a miniature keyboard, a fishing rod, a motorbike's handles and pedal, a small house, and a vehicle - by following instructions on their Switch screen.

If you've ever anxious that video game consoles don't inspire creativity in your child the same way model kits and Lego creations do, Nintendo Labo is for your family.

Another one of these kits includes an interactive robot suit equipped with a visor, backpack and straps for both the player's hands and feet.

Labo's accessory system will come in different packs, but will offer different cardboard toy choices for you to make, including a piano, a robot, and more, with a sticker pack helping you to customise even more.

There were many theories about what Nintendo was going to announce yesterday, but I've yet to read one that saw this coming. That's a recipe for broken strings, ripped cardboard, tears, and shouts of "Why did we pay 80 bucks for THIS?"

Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo!

"Finally, there's an £8.99 Nintendo Labo Customisation Set, which includes stickers, stencils and sticky tape to decorate your Toy-Con creations".

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Switch is that is part gaming console, part handheld device and part tablet - and it was launched last March.

The idea is simple: You buy Labo and open it, follow the instructions to build whichever construction you've purchased, and then you slap the Switch in there and play games. You can customize the Toy-Cons however you want.

When is the Nintendo Labo release date? The second set is the Robot Kit mentioned above, and will cost $79.99.

That said, let's just marvel at how insanely cool this little cardboard piano looks.

Labo features cardboard sheets that users can fold into everything from motorbike handles to fishing rods and a miniature piano.

This is not the first time Nintendo has produced simple toys. The software allows you to assume control of a giant in-game robot when you wear the suit, which - from what I know about giant robots - will probably require some stomping and smashing.

If this sounds as unbelievable to you as it does to me, check out this informational video to learn more.

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