Officer in Canada prime minister motorcade hurt

Pauline Gross
February 11, 2018

"Despite all of its benefits, however, we can do better and there are opportunities to improve the agreement".

He also commented on Canada's immigration policies. "The fact that we have this open and inclusive culture, it's a great advantage". "I know, and most people know, that the only way to build a strong economy of the future is to make sure that we're protecting the environment at the same time", he said.

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister is headed to the USA on a four-day tour and the first stop is Chicago, Illinois. "But, of course, the truth is President Trump and I agree that too many people have been left behind". Meanwhile, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Trudeau announced a revised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a new trade deal between Canada and 10 other countries, after Trump withdrew from the original TPP a year ago.

Garcetti said the officer is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident was the latest attempt at failed humour by the 46-year-old Prime Minister.

Trudeau argued that the deal has sent benefits both ways across the border.

California sells some $25.4 billion in goods and services to Canada, and nearly 1.2 million jobs in the state rely on trade, according to federal statistics. And so is Mexico. "Let us keep applying ourselves with unswerving dedication, with fierce ambition, relentless optimism and unfailing courage".

Trump reportedly wants the treaty to be more fair.

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The accord, he said, should be modernized with "a willingness to compromise on all sides".

The location of the speech carried symbolic weight, alluding to the longstanding trade relationship between the US and Canada. In 1988, Reagan and then-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signed the first free trade agreement - a precursor to the Nafta. Canadian leaders have promoted their country's immigration policies as an alternative to the Trump administration's ban on travellers from some Muslim countries and restrictions on work permits for some foreigners.

Trudeau spent Thursday pitching tech companies on investing in Canada while touting the country's fast-track visa for highly skilled workers.

Trudeau was on his second day of a visit to California.

"NAFTA, while not flawless, has been good for the United States, broadly speaking, just as it has been good for Canada and Mexico, broadly speaking", Trudeau told a sold-out audience in an address on Canada-U.S. relations in the library's Air Force One Pavilion.

There are still two rounds of talks before the congressional midterm elections in the United States, giving Trudeau a chance to pitch trade to people up for re-election and those in state legislatures, said Bruce Heyman, former USA ambassador to Canada.

A number of different USA know-how firms are increasing into their northern neighborhood.

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