Get a Close Look at SpaceX's Falcon Booster Minutes After Landing

Cesar Mills
February 14, 2018

The Falcon Heavy rocket flew with Three Falcon 9 booster- a strengthened central core and two side strap boosters.

The need for a third drone ship has arisen because of the increasing number of launches SpaceX is managing for NASA and other contractors.

Of Course I Still Love You, though, was damaged during the first Falcon Heavy mission that took flight from Kennedy Space Center - the rocket's center core missed the ship by about 300 feet, but the force of its 300 miles per hour water impact was enough to "take out" two engines on the ship. While SpaceX was able to recover two of the three first stage boosters, the center core failed to land on the drone ship.

Now that the Falcon Heavy has flown, more work remains to refine the rocket and develop its successor, the so-called BFR booster and spaceship that he hopes will one day be bound for Mars. As the year 2018 is going to be a busy year for SpaceX, the company wants to make sure that it has enough facilities for rocket landing.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is officially the most powerful rocket launched.

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The fix, he said, was "pretty obvious". The ship will be called A Shortfall Of Gravitas, which like Of Course I Still Love You and the Pacific-based Just Read The Instructions gets its name from the sentient starships in Iain Banks's Culture novels.

This payload means that Falcon Heavy offers increased possibilities for SpaceX, including the launch of bigger satellites for USA intelligence and military, launching large batches of satellites ( help deliver global broadband), sending bigger robots to Mars or the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and their moons, and the transportation and launch of huge telescopes. On Feb. 6, the Falcon Heavy's maiden launch captured the attention of people everywhere.

Once fully operational, the Falcon Heavy would be capable of carrying payloads as heavy as 119,000 pounds to low-Earth orbit or almost double the capacity of its competitor Delta IV Heavy that can lift more than 62,000 pounds.

The Falcon Heavy is also carrying is a "5D data crystal" that has a shelf life of over 5 billion years and contains 360 terrabytes of data - packed with data that Musk has uploaded to it.

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