Apple HomePod Launches With Big Sound-and Even Bigger Questions

Angelica Greene
February 15, 2018

Apple has definitely made a decision to cash in on this opportunity and quote a $279 price to replace the HomePod entirely if it is damaged.

So with all the popularity of the Echo - which is now in its second generation - why should you consider Apple's HomePod? With the Amazon Echo and Google Home being the only mainstream smart speakers on the market, a system that prioritized sound quality was hotly anticipated by audiophiles that wanted to retain fidelity while taking advantage of smart features. But, this doesn't mean that it's ideal. 9to5Mac discovered a memo on HomePod cord repairs and Apple can fix it without costs but only for rare situations. To be on the safe side, you have the option to purchase an Apple Care+ plan for the HomePod within 60 days of your initial purchase. Even Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has had Cortana in a smart speaker for almost six months. But Siri on HomePod is not the same as Siri on the iPhone - its abilities are limited, so it can't do things like look something up on the internet or call someone for you. Instead, music must be streamed from Apple Music or an AirPlay source.

Apple released its to the masses last week, and the general consensus among early reviews is that it sounds superb for a relatively small device. That's true. The reviews have told the same.

Apple's past week was all about sound.

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It also learns what you like over time, so if you say, "Hey, Siri, play some party music", it will present you a playlist full of the types of artists and genres it knows you like. You can also ask about the weather, sports scores, and traffic, as well as set timers and alarms.

Already engrossed in Apple's ecosystem. After I reinstalled the Music app, my phone invited me to sign up for an Apple Music trial, and I did.

You care about sound quality a lot. Either click the link or search for "Apple Music" in the App Store. It can't load the necessary Apple Music resources so it simply shows a blank white screen in the card, shown in the following screenshot. You'll need to wait. That's just frustrating and makes Homepod no better than any other dumb speaker with a great sound. The other competing smart speakers have scored much better in this test. If you add the shipping cost, it'll get closer to $349.

Tacking on an AppleCare+ warranty extension to the HomePod runs $39.

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