Chinese woman climbs into X-ray machine for this weird reason

Pauline Gross
February 15, 2018

According to a Mirror Online report, the woman was happy to put her suitcases through the machine before walking through the security checkpoint holding the smaller handbag.

A woman insisted that she climb into an X-ray machine with her handbag at a train station because she feared it might be stolen otherwise.

The woman reportedly did not want to be separated from her handbag and its valuable contents.

The woman left onlookers shocked at Dongguan Railway Station in south China when she climbed into the security scanner.

Train stations are grappling with a mad rush this month as hundreds of millions of people head home to celebrate Lunar New Year.

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An obviously bewildered staff wasn't really clear on the valuables the bag contained that made the woman do something so unwonted, but the assumption is that it probably had a lot of cash, given out as a tradition in Chinese New Year.

The CCTV footage shows that she placed her purse on the conveyor belt before she climbed on it herself. The video depicted a sequence of orange tinted X-ray images of the woman passenger, as she passed through the scanner, with her skeleton which was visible to rest of the world.

The video of the woman passenger going inside the X-Ray machine has gained utmost attention on a social media platform.

I wish I loved anything enough to follow it through a machine and get radiation.

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