Brexit will not create 'Mad Max' dystopia, says Davis

Ivan Schwartz
February 21, 2018

Rubbishing the claims as "based on nothing", he called for a "race to the top" in global standards. Soon after, the Cabinet minister in charge of agriculture, Michael Gove, stuck to the theme in a speech to the National Farmers' Union in Birmingham, saying that no future trade deal would undercut environmental or animal standards.

He also says he wants foreign farm workers to stay after Brexit, setting out plans to provide special immigration rules for those British farms that rely on migrant workers to ensure they remain profitable.

European Union leaders warn Britain can't have both freedom from the bloc's regulations and frictionless trade. The EU already has trade agreements in place or awaiting ratification with most TPP countries.

One of them, Best for Britain, captured the headlines this month because of a large donation from billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros.

If Davis does not want people to think the Tory government is leading us into the apocalypse via Brexit, it might not be a good idea to suggest it could happen with the most snappy line in his speech. And that's why it's a message delivered by every member of Britain's government as we meet our European counterparts.

The Guardian's Brexit policy editor Dan Roberts points out that Davis may want to consider his own future, as well as Britain's. "Neither side should put up unnecessary barriers during this process", Davis will add. Trade must be as open and "frictionless" as possible. Wants the continue to work together as partners and friends. The warning follows reports that Oliver Robbins, the former permanent secretary to Davis, is now effectively running the show.

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Renew's main influence would likely come in lobbying existing MPs, who will have the final vote on the Brexit deal agreed by the government with the EU.

Question: Do you trust the play by the rules after Brexit?

A new anti-Brexit centrist political party holds its official launch in London Monday, one of several intiatives by pro-European Union campaigners drawing hope from a perceived shift in the British public's mood.

"How on earth can we rely on them to safeguard workers' rights?"

He will also highlight how the United Kingdom has played a key role in driving the development of global environmental action, highlighting how it was the first country to adopt a legally-binding Climate Change Act and originated a raft of environmental standards such as the standard for making large-scale events more sustainable, which was developed for the 2012 London Olympics and is "now being put to good use at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang".

Meanwhile, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has warned the European Union against imposing new trade barriers post-Brexit, saying it would make their own economies less competitive.

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