'Mr. Steven' Net Boat To Catch SpaceX's Next Rocket Fairing

Cesar Mills
February 21, 2018

"Due to mission requirements, now targeting February 21 launch of PAZ", the company posted a tweet explaining the reasons behind the delay of the next Falcon 9 launch.

"Team at Vandenberg is taking additional time to perform final checkouts of upgraded fairing".

It was the kind of success that has some people wondering how SpaceX and founder Elon Musk can have so much success, while NASA seems to be slow in developing its own big rocket, the Space Launch System.

A delayed SpaceX launch is set to blast off Wednesday morning at 7:17 Arizona time.

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The last time SpaceX launched a satellite-carrying rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, it caused quite a stir. Payload and vehicle remain healthy. According to Space.com those experimental solutions include parachutes and equipping recovery ships with metal arms. The rocket will send first batch of two Starlink broadband satellites to test out the technology needed to beam down internet from the space. Along with that, a Spanish radar observation named Pax will also fly to space aboard the Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX is planning to use a giant net - one so vast that it takes up the majority of a high-speed watercraft named Mr. Steven - to catch reusable gear that falls back to Earth after missions to outer space. As the report notes, other components of the Falcon 9 are already recycled from previous missions, including a stage booster that launched the Taiwanese Formosat-5 satellite back in August 2017. "Yet Teledesic closed in 2002, after racking up more than $9 billion costs".

SpaceX often tries to reuse key rocket parts as a means of cutting costs. During the February 6 mission, the payload fairings held the now-famous midnight-cherry Tesla Roadster and its driver, a mannequin known as Starman.

What's In The Falcon 9 Payload?

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