Uber Express Pool Asks Riders to Do a Little Walking

Ivan Schwartz
February 22, 2018

Uber unveiled Express Pool in Boston and at its home base of San Francisco late past year.

The goal is to make the overall ride faster and more direct for all users.

Ahead, check out exactly how to use Uber Express Pool on your own device - and you can bet that we'll be keeping you updated as this new, headache-free commuter program continues to expand across the country. It meant that rides could be more affordable than uberX for passengers, and over time, cities could be less congested and polluted.

Starting this week, Uber customers in select cities will be able to request a shared ride with up to four passengers. You can wind up going on long detours on the way to your destination. The Verge reports that the service will be up to 50 percent cheaper than UberPool and 75 percent cheaper than UberX.

It should work roughly the same as UberPool, with one exception. That driver-rider match won't be be at your front door anymore.

The result is Express POOL, where riders wait a few minutes before their trips begin, and then walk a short distance to a nearby spot for pick up and drop off. In places like San Francisco and Washington DC, where one-way streets can often send cars off course, Uber says a walk down the block could save riders and drivers time and hassle.

For some drivers, UberPool trips are more work than they're worth, Campbell said, in that the fares are the same, sometimes less, for more work.

What's the upside for Uber?


The good folks over at Uber are back at it again. The settlement include giving up a stake in Uber to Waymo. Passengers should expect lower fares, the company said.

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"People love the price [of regular Uber POOL], but have mixed feelings about the experience", Uber lead project manager Ethan Stock said in a press call Tuesday.

If the company predicts that you will be matched with a rider, for example, it may charge you $4, with the expectation that the total fare will be $8. Driverless cars don't have to stop, so this will further increase utilization.

Once a rider hails an Express Pool, the Uber algorithm will take a moment to figure out the best route, driver and pickup location for not just that rider, but other riders as well.

Right now, Uber says it doesn't have the data to determine how its riders were commuting before, though it will try to find out, through surveys of riders.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently said he wanted the company to run city bus systems, but there are obvious downsides to depending on a private company to provide a public utility.

The ride-hailing company is introducing Express Pool to several cities this week.

Express POOL has the potential to become a much more efficient service, the company has said. With ExpressPool, everything is dynamic, from routes to passengers to prices.

Uber Express' concept is reminiscent of a bus. "You'll see walking directions to the best spot".

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