Gabe Newell says Valve is now making NEW games

Angelica Greene
March 10, 2018

Thy lord Gaben hath descended from on high and proclaimed that Valve will actually be making games again.

During a recent press briefing held at the new Bellevue's offices, Gabe Newell announced Valve is "back to making and shipping games", as reported by The Game Awards' host and producer, Geoff Keighley.

He's previously spoken about a singleplayer game and "three big VR games" being in development, but he didn't reveal anything specific or offer updates during Thursday's presentation.

"You can see that Microsoft was like, wow, how can we make Windows more like [Apple]?" Since the release of Dota 2, Valve's gaming efforts have been focused mostly on supporting it and Team Fortress 2.

"Hearthstone is a great game", Newell told us during yesterday's presentation. Newel didn't elaborate stating they are not "going to be talking about it today" but that Valve is looking to "develop hardware and software simultaneously".

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"Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us", said Newell, according to PC Gamer. Newell did confirm back in January 2017 during his Reddit AMA that the company is working on fully-fledged single-player games. Creating a closed platform for PC is a bad thing, not just for Valve's business, but also for consumer freedom.

"It feels like we've been stuck with mouse and keyboard for a really long time and that the opportunities to build much more interesting kinds of experiences for gamers were there, we just need to expand what we can do". But he made sure to point out that it's not the only game on Valve's slate. Valve would be better off letting Traveller's Tales and Lego make another "Portal" game instead! As with the Big N, they not only were planning the next iconic The Legend of Zelda game, they were also planning new controllers to celebrate those beloved franchise.

Valve isn't done with hardware though, but now it'll go "hand-in-hand with software design", meaning you should really keep an eye on what Valve is up to in the coming months.

The presentation (via PC Gamer) was centered mostly on Artifact, the Dota 2-themed card game announced a year ago.

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