WHO Warns Against World's Next Epidemic 'Disease X'

Ebony Scott
March 13, 2018

While we can be thankful Disease X probably doesn't exist yet, the likelihood of it appearing in the future is definitely something we should be aware of, in the hopes we can stay one step ahead of any future threats - especially as we continue to encounter and take over what remains of the natural environment.

The intention behind including the disease in the Blueprint list is not to scare people.

As far as the World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned, there's a looming threat of an as-yet-unknown global epidemic - one that could potentially be deadly. The New York Post suggests that the disease could be used as a weapon or a tool for countries and terrorist organisations that develop biological weapons.

Actually, the above sources have been unveiled as the causes of some fatal diseases which are well-known now but were mysterious killers when they first appeared, such as Ebola, HIV and even the smallpox virus. Experts believe that this unknown pathogen may go unnoticed until it is too late when it has already spread to all nooks of the globe, taking the world by surprise.

At first, including an unidentified disease with the potential to wreak havoc on humanity feels kind of alarmist - but it isn't meant to create panic.

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During the recent meeting which was held in Geneva, the World Health Organization added Disease X into their Blueprint Disease list as the 9 decease that may cause a worldwide outbreak. An "unknown" beast for which we are not yet prepared, but which we must anticipate. Others on the list include Ebola, Zika and Lassa fever. "It may seem unusual to be adding an "X" but the point is to Fmake sure we prepare and plan flexibly in terms of vaccines and diagnostic tests".

Today, the United Nations organizationis talking about "disease X", a contagious and deadly disease that does not yet exist.

"The story tells us that it is likely that the next big outbreak will be something we have never seen before", says John-Arne Rottingen, Executive Director of the Norwegian Research Council and World Health Organization advisor. "As the ecosystem and human habitats change, there is always a risk that a disease will jump from animal to human", says the researcher.

Human-animal contacts are intensifying as Man moves.

"For numerous diseases discussed, as well as many other diseases with the potential to cause a public health emergency, there is a need for better diagnostics", said the experts who convened in Geneva to gather the report.

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