Fitbit debuts the Versa, its smartwatch for everyone

Cesar Mills
March 14, 2018

Fitbit is looking to rectify this with its second smartwatch. Fitbit is hoping to change that with their newly announced Fitbit Versa, a watch that might actually give Apple a run. Although Apple declines to share exact sales figures (Watch is listed under its Other category during its quarterly reports), analysts claim it is the industry's best-selling smartwatch. I relived some elementary school gym class trauma with a session of dodgeball and Presidential Fitness Test-style strength training.

Back to the watch: here are some more brilliant features you're going to obsess over, and that will make your day-to-day life easier. Like the Ionic, it's platform agnostic.

The device can track wearers' heart rates, activity, fitness statistics and workout summaries, and its battery life is upwards of four days. It's also safe for swimming. The most obvious of these is Global Positioning System, which isn't included on the Versa. Users can log their cycle data, see their dynamic cycle predictions for the next month based on their data, learn more about their period and connect with other female users. That will extend to reminders and social challenges later in the year.

The $199.95 Versa is made of aluminum and comes in five distinct finishes including black, rose gold, and silver. If you want to pay for things with your smartwatch, you'll need to opt for the Fitbit Versa Special Edition, which has an NFC chip inside. Accessories, including leather and stainless steel straps, will range in price from $29.95 to $99.95.

These software updates will debut on the new Versa, but will also be available for Ionic users via a software update. It'll also feature a custom adidas clock face and is expected to arrive March 19 for $329.95.

Fitbit, the popular company known for its fitness tracker devices, has announced they are releasing a Fitbit for kids device to help children to stay active while having fun at the same time. The actual wearable device body is likely to look familiar, borrowing heavily from 2016's Alta design. Namely, it comes in two colors: Electric Blue and Power Purple.

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All of the normal step tracking is included here, and it's also suitable for use in the pool thanks to a waterproof design.

Instead of pushing kids to be active for 30 minutes throughout the day, Ace will try to get its users to move for 60 minutes of each day.

Fitbit is coming out with two new products, one of which was designed with children as young as eight years old in mind.

This kid-friendly fitness tracker is designed as a great way for parents to monitor their kid's activity. This will allow parents to keep a closer eye on their children's activity, progress, and friend requests in the Fitbit app.

Plus, if Fitbit's survey is right and 80 percent of respondents really didn't know how many phases are in menstrual cycle, an app like this might be beneficial in simply helping to educate more women about the ins and outs of their cycle. But Fitbit's is the first fitness watch to offer a broad menu of women-specific health tracking.

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