Square Enix accidentally reveals Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date

Ruben Ruiz
March 15, 2018

In fact, Lara could cash in at any time, but to do that she'd have to admit that her father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), a businessman and adventurer who went missing seven years earlier, is dead.

Second, her first comic book was the top-selling comic book of 1998, due to sales at non-traditional places like Tower Records (Yes, that long ago).

Ever-dependable character actor Goggins, as the bored gun-toting psycho of the piece, gives the best performance in this derivative clutter of dizzying cliffhangers and over-kill chaos, which is essentially a puffed-up throwback to the B-movies of old - and even more of an Indiana Jones clone that the first two films put together. The moment of the presentation seeks to coincide with the premiere of the film starring Alicia Vikander.

"Tomb Raider, let's be clear, is hokum: brisk but derivative, a compendium of jungle-chase pulp spun into something stylishly watchable". If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name tomb raider.

Does she? Not so much.

Ultimately, "Tomb Raider" offers some decent scenery - the film was shot largely in and around Cape Town, South Africa - but not much more.

During a conference at the film's Los Angeles press junket, Academy Award-winning actress Alicia Vikander talked about how she came to be playing Lara Croft, her introduction to the original game, what she thought of Angelina Jolie in the role, telling a coming of age story, getting physically prepared, the biggest challenges, and her favorite scene to shoot.

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It is Lara's character, however, that elevates the film and makes Tomb Raider stand out among other game-to-film adaptations. Uthaug, whose previous adventure film The Wave was corny but at least kept up the tempo, shoots a lot of the action in settings so dim we can't actually see anything.

To be fair, the film isn't entirely without flaws - the puzzles are nearly laughably simple, and the dialogue is occasionally a little flat - but this is nonetheless an exciting action-adventure movie that should thrill fans of the franchise.

It turns out that Richard was investigating the legend of Himiko, the Queen of Yamatai, and a mysterious organization known as Trinity that wants to find Himiko's tomb for its own nefarious purposes.

While Vikander does represent a strong, female lead, and certainly a stronger character than any of the other (largely white, male) leads, there's unlikely to be a congratulatory card in the post from the #NotYourAsianSidekick campaign for Daniel Wu's pliant, emasculated Asian sidekick Lu Ren. It's also that she's so prone to make bad decisions or throw out any semblance of common sense.

Like the personality-devoid video game version of Croft, Vikander's take is bland.

In the game, it is hard to care about Lara's motivations, since she kills countless enemies along her quest and never shows any real remorse for her incredibly violent actions.

But, there are also some differences! She never comes across as having an ounce of sex appeal and, at times, looks like she could be 16. They would not have had to change the script at all.

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