Romanian Man Tells Court He Is Alive, Court Declares Him Dead

Pauline Gross
March 20, 2018

December last years he was detained over expired papers in Turkey and sent back to Romania but upon landing, he came to know that he has been declared dead. Foreign media states that they were not able to locate Reliu's wife to hear her side of the story.

Constantin Reliu tried to tell the court that he is alive after the judge declared him to be dead. After years of silence from her estranged husband, Reliu's wife obtained a backdated death certificate for him in 2016.

"The head of the border police in Otopeni [airport] called me to his office, turned on his computer and showed it to me: 'Look, Constantin Reliu [declared] dead by his wife, '" he told local news channel Digi24 on Wednesday.

There is, of course, a difference between a death certificate and a cadaver, as Reliu is now all too aware: after 20 years working in Turkey, he returned home to Romania only to find his wife had registered him as dead.

He told the wire service that he had made a decision to cut off communication after he discovered his wife's infidelity, years after he first left for Turkey in 1992 to work as a cook.

"I am officially dead, although I'm alive", he added.

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Upon his arrival in Romania, he was held at the airport and was interrogated for over six hours. Assuming that he had passed away, his wife applied to have him declared as dead in 2016. Reliu had no case to stand on, the court ruled, because his appeal was filed too late.

"I am a living ghost", he said. While now Reliu says she sought the death certificate to annul the marriage and it would allow her to remarry. Finally, when they found out that it was him, he was let go.

Today's ruling is final, and Mr Reliu will officially remain dead, a court spokeswoman said Friday.

According to Reliu, he would like to file a fresh lawsuit but has no money and suffers from diabetes, which makes it, even more, harder for him to survive.

He also said he has been banned for life from returning to Turkey but would like to write to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to appeal the decision.

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