What happens when the robots sound too much like humans?

Angelica Greene
May 12, 2018

In a live conversation, Assistant is able to field many questions and even knows to ask how long the wait is without being prompted. The company is placing robots in conversations with humans, without those people realizing. Here are 10 that really matter. Over the past two years, Google has integrated Assistant into various products including its Google Home smart speaker.

Google described the artificial intelligence system Duplex as "a new technology of natural communication to perform real tasks on the phone".

During the Google I/O keynote, Google talked about the WaveNet voice engine and how it was making speech synthesis more realistic. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, at the I/O 2018 keynote showed off Duplex that sounds extremely human-like, making sounds like "uh" and "mmhmm" during phone call reservations.

Google calls the new service, known as Duplex, an experiment. The example given was a pre-recorded call between Assistant and a barber.

In this context, a Google spokesperson has given a statement to CNET, clarifying the identification details and confirming that the company include the necessary disclosure designs to the feature.

Google has promised that its convincing voice assistant, which can make its own telephone calls, will make it clear to the person on the other end of the line that they are not real.

More than just ethical consideration of not knowing that you're speaking to a bot, there's also the element of privacy. Also, you won't need to say hey, Google after every query.

Google Assistant wants to make your calls for you
It has been challenging Google more frequently by launching that services duplicate what Google already offers on Android. Whenever it recognises a photo of one of your Google contacts, it can suggest sharing the photo with that person.

Apple invests $10 million in a greener method of aluminum production
Aluminum is a key material in many of Apple's most popular products, and for more than 130 years, it's been produced the same way. In a statement Rio Tinto said the new smelting process had been developed after decades of research and development.

Scattered thunderstorms expected this afternoon across Cumberland County
There is a slight chance for showers on Monday , but highs will return back to the upper 70s under partly sunny skies. Out ahead of that front, there will be plenty of clouds around this morning and even a passing shower or two.

Now Google Lens is getting some major updates, arriving in the cameras of many major smartphones and new features like "Smart Text Selection" and "Style Match". Android P does not have a name yet but that's alright.

The digital assistant was also programmed to understand when to respond quickly, such as after someone says "hello", versus pausing as a person might before answering complex questions.

Earlier this year Google launched six ready-made Routines to help you get multiple things done with a single command.

Moreover, Google's poster child aka Project Treble, has ensured even third-party phones from the likes of HMD Global/Nokia, Xiaomi and Sony, can make use of its new OS the same day Google is pushing it out for its in-house Pixel phones.

That was the vision of the near future unveiled by Google this week, and on the Tech Tent podcast we discuss whether it is either realistic - or desirable. You can read it here. Microsoft focuses on the enterprise, and then tries to figure out ways to bring its products back to consumers.

However, Google has used the following technology stack to put the Duplex to sound natural.

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